Olivia Pope Wine Glass

So you want to buy the Olivia Pope wine glass (click here to see if it’s still on sale for 30% off) so you can sip down wine with your girlfriends as you enjoy a Scandal episode or two (or ten).

Click here to get Olivia Pope’s Wine Glass from Scandal

olivia pope wine glass from scandal abc


I’m not going to twist your arm and tell you that you absolutely have to buy the Scandal wine glass…

That’s what a good friend is for.

I will however tell you this wine glass is a uber popular item and quantities are limited.

Click that buy link and see if it’s still even in stock,

Or better yet… click the link to see if they still have it on sale for 30% off.

and don’t be stingie, get your friends one too.

scandal wine glasses olivia pope abc

Seriously, the Olivia Pope wine glass seen in Scandal Episodes on TV is an elegant item and it’s reasonable price tag allows anybody to buy one or two (or ten).

We’re not talking about a $2000 designer coat here, it’s just a wine glass.

Anyway, like I said – I’m not here to twist your arm and peer pressure you into getting something you don’t want….

Don’t kill the messenger – you wanted to know where to get the Scandal wine glass, and now you know.