Kerry Washington

kerry washingtonWednesday marked the kick-off of the SAG awards season.

This year’s season however, may stir up a little more drama in Hollywood, than previous years have.

Violet Davis, the star of ABC’s “How to Get Away With Murder” received a nomination for her ingenious work in the mystery drama. Although, “Scandal” star Kerry Washington it seems didn’t make the cut and failed to receive a nomination of her own.

This leaves us all to wonder if Kerry Washington’s performance of “Scandal’s” main character was lacking this year, compared to last year’s when she was nominated first? A much more disturbing thought on the matter, to ponder, is that perhaps voters believe there is only room for one lead role performed by a black actress.

The quality of Kerry Washington’s role as Scandal’s Olivia Pope is a matter of personal opinion, the same holds true to any actor’s performance. In my opinion though, her performance has never faltered in terms of worth. Her role as the lead actress in one of televisions most popular dramas, combined with her talent as an actress in general, should have guaranteed her a spot in the SAG nominations, like last year.

The second possible conclusion to this shocker is a little more horrifying. Also disturbing is the fact that the SAG voters might very well be oblivious to the controversial air that may start hovering around the heads of millions of “Olivia Pope’s” fans. This could ultimately cause problems for Hollywood.

Albeit Kerry Washington’s nomination history isn’t as colorful as some of Hollywood’s stars. She has been nominated once for, both the SAGs and Golden Globes, as well as being nominated twice for Emmys in the past two years.

Expanding the insult, is that this “favoritism” in Davis ultimately means that, Shonda Rhimes had her hand in making Davis’ role as Annalise Keating, more prominant than that of Washington’s role as Olivia Pope. Which, in turn, prevented the first leading black woman in forty years from obtaining her rightful spot at the podium. This under-handing by Shonda Rhimes of her own show is puzzling.

This is only beginning of the nomination season, so we’ll just have to see how the deck plays out for Kerry Washington on Thursday’s Golden Globe nomination’s announcement and into the Emmys next summer.